About the Peña Flamenca de Londres

The Peña Flamenca de Londres is the UK’s largest flamenco club, founded in 1984.  It operates just like a peña flamenca in Spain to promote a good flamenco in a friendly club atmosphere.  The peña puts on shows mosts months in London’s Pimlico at the Hall of the Church of the Holy Apostles.  Shows are open to both members and non-members.  Our Honorary Presidents are the guitarist Paco Peña and the dancer Maribel la Manchega.

Most shows are professional but three times a year we have ‘juergas’, where anyone can apply to our events co-ordinator to perform.  This is where students can get experience of performing on stage or professionals can try out a new work.

We have many great professional artists in this country who are regulars at the peña, including dancers such as Jesús de Olmedo, Felipe de Algeciras, Carmela Romero, Anita la Maltesa, Ángela Alonso, Natalia García Huidobro, Lola Rueda, Lourdes Fernández and Talia Cohen.   Regular guitarists include Angus Cruickshank, Mario Basilisco, Ramón Ruíz, Tito Heredia and Tony el Despeinao.  Our regular singers include Jasmin Villalobos, Leo Power, Manuel de la Malena, Manuel de Cádiz, Fernando de Tottenham, Javier Macías and Olayo Jiménez.  Sometimes we feature world music and jazz-flamenco artists, with guests such as Yasmin Levy, Jacqui Dankworth and Johnny Crawford.

Visiting artists from Spain in the past have included the award winning singer Miguel Poveda who performed with guitarist Chicuelo.  Guitarists we have featured include Águstin Carbonell ‘El Bola’, who is the nephew of the great Sabicas, as well as Emilio Maya from Granada and London’s very own Juan Martín.  Notable dancers who have performed at the peña include the legendary Ángela Granados, El Titi, David Romero, Ana María Blanco and Juan Polvillo. 

Two years ago we launched the first flamenco dance prize in the UK, the Ron Hitchins Prize for Flamenco Dance, awarded to up-and-coming young dancers.

The Peña Flamenca de Londres publishes Flamenco News three times a year.  Full of news, reviews and articles of interest to anyone enthusiastic about flamenco, it is free to members and is on sale at our monthly meetings.


Committee Members

The Peña Flamenca de Londres is run by an elected committee of volunteers



Peña Flamenca de Londres Constitution

The Constitution of the Peña Flamenca de Londres was updated in 1991 and a copy can be found here.