Upcoming shows

10 June: Juerga for Maribel

Join us for our Juerga night.  This is where all-comers get up and have go at flamenco.  And you can too!

Whether you are a dancer, a singer or a guitarist or if you are new to performance or experienced, Juega is for you.   You will be welcomed to the stage and encouraged by an appreciative audience of flamenco fans. 

This special Juerga is a tribute to Maribel la Manchega who sadly passed away in December.  Maribel was our much-loved joint Honorary President and had a long career as a professional dancer and teacher in London and Spain.  The first part of this Juerga has been put together by some of loyal Maribel’s students in her honour.




Doors open at 7.00 pm.  Show at 7.45 pm

Refreshments available at reasonable prices.    

Members £5.  Non-members £10.  

Member performers: free entry.   Non-member performers pay a performance fee of £5 instead of the ticket price.

Want to Perform at the Peña Flamenca de Londres?

Please contact our Event Co-ordinator Caroline Wolff on 020 8208 1487 to discuss your performance or email her at carolinacarafina@yahoo.co.uk.   Please tell Caroline if you are using recorded music and let her know how you will deliver it to us to play on the night.  We can support CDs and USB sticks and iPods.  If you want to use any other format please email it in advance.  

All dance performers are required to use the Peña’s dance floor.  The floor is a high-quality wooden floor laid over the stage of the hall.  The dance floor measures 10’ x 8 ‘ (3 m x 2.5 m) and is raised 1.5 in (4 cm) above the stage with a shallow bevelled edge of about 8 in (20 cm).  A professional guitarist and singer are provided by the Peña if you need them.  

You should arrive at the hall between 6.00pm and 6.30pm at the latest.   After your performance please stay to watch and support other performers and do not leave the hall whilst others are on stage.    Please ask permission to film the show or take photographs.