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The Ron Hitchins Prize for Flamenco Dance 2017

Each year the Peña Flamenca de Londres awards a prize to a young flamenco dancer judged to have shown the most promise during the year, whether they are a member of the Peña or not.  The prize is a bursary of £300 to be used to support further tuition in this country or in Spain.  It is awarded to the candidate aged 12 to 30 years of age who performs best at the Peña’s Juerga show on 12th November.   Candidates must be nominated by their UK-based flamenco dance teacher and may perform solo or dance as part of a group at the Juerga.  The winner will be invited to attend a presentation at the Peña show in December.

The winner will be expected to report back to the Peña Flamenca de Londres after they have used the bursary to say what they learned from the experience. The report should be supported by photographs and submitted by the end of September 2018.   Previous winners cannot enter but runners-up from previous years are very welcome.

To enter please:

Ron Hitchins 1a

Ron Hitchins is the life and spirit of the London flamenco scene. He turned 90 years of age last year and is still going strong. Ron has been a mentor and inspiration behind many dancers over the years and the Peña Flamenca de Londres pays homage to him with the annual Ron Hitchins Prize for Flamenco Dance.



The Ron Hitchins Prize for Flamenco Dance 2016 was awarded to:

Prize Winner: Faye Llowth
Highly Commended: Alba Heredia Villalobos
Ariana Armenakas