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Sunday 25 September

La Típica Flamenco Group

Featuring Natalia García Huidobro from Madrid & Carlos Lobo


Natalia García Huidobro is widely respected choreographer and dancer based in Madrid and Chile.  She trained with  Mercedes Amaya ‘La Winy’, niece of the great Carmen Amaya.  She has performed in many flamenco tablaos in Madrid and her native in Chile, as well as Argentina, Russia, Japan and the UK, including at Sadler’s Wells.  She formed La Típica  dance company  and has collaborated with visual artists and musicians, such as Juan José Gurrola, Rodrigo Bazaes, José Luis Vidal, Sonia Sabri, Lemi Ponifasio.   She is supported in this show by Carlos Lobo, a popular flamenco singer for dance in Spain and Chile and and other artists to be announced.  

7.30pm – doors open 7pm.

£20 (£14 members).  Tickets on Eventbrite.


Cuadro Flamenco de Jerez Online Show

Our first on-line event! Something we did in lockdown!

View on Youtube

If you join or renew your membership of the peña here you can see the show from May.

Note: will need to register with Youtube/Google to access this link to see the video.

Cuadro Flamenco de Jerez: Tamara Tañe, Pascual de Lorca and Marta de Troya

Peña Flamenca de Londres presents a special performance by Cuadro Flamenco de Jerez direct from Jerez de la Frontera in Spain.   Marta de Troya, baile, Tamara Tañe, cante and Pascual de Lorca, guitarra.   In collaboration with Academía de Baile in Jerez.  

Please join or renew your membership at www.flamenco-london.org.uk to help keep flamenco alive and enable us to put on further shows.  This is the first show we have broadcast online pending our hopeful return to live performances in our Pimlico venue in London. 

Marta de Troya (Marta de Mancera) is a bailaora from Jerez de la Frontera. She has worked in some of the best companies in Spain including Antonio El Pipa. She is first dancer of Joaquin Grilo’s Company in Jerez and has danced and taught all over the world.

Tamara Tañe was born in one of the most flamenco neighborhoods of Jerez, La Plazuela and grew up singing cante flamenco.  She is from well-known families of flamenco artists, the Carpios and the Moneos.  She has worked with the dance companies of Rafael Amargo, Mario Maya and Rocío Molina.  Tamara is the winner of numerous prizes for her singing of bulerías and has recorded several albums of cante.

Pascual de Lorca is an accomplished guitarist and winner of the guitar prize at the Las Minas flamenco festival.  He recently won acclaim for his Puro Sueño album.  He has worked with dancers Joaquín Grilo, Domingo Ortega and Manuel Marín as well as with many great flamenco singers such as Chano Lobato, Manuel Soto ‘Sordera’, Rancapino and El Lebrijano. For ten years he has been a member of the Antonio el Pipa group.

Juergas: A Guide to Performing at the Peña

Please read this if you are performing with us.   We welcome students of flamenco of all levels as well as professionals at our Juerga and homenaje shows.   Please contact our Event Co-ordinator Caroline Wolff on 0208 208 1487 or email carolinacarafina@yahoo.co.uk to discuss your performance.

All dance performers are required to use the Peña’s dance floor (our tablao), which is a high-quality wooden floor laid over the stage of the hall.  The dance floor measures 10’ x 8 ‘ (3 m x 2.5 m) and is raised 1.5 in (4 cm) above the stage with a shallow bevelled edge of about 8 in (20 cm).

Performers should arrive between 5.45pm and 6.30pm.  All rehearsals on stage should be short, to test the stage, not full performance run throughs please.  There is a smaller hall at the back of the ‘green room’ to continue rehearsal after 6.45pm when the stage is cleared ready for the audience.  All sound checks finish by 6.45pm.  For Juerga’s a professional guitarist and singer are provided by the Peña but if you are coming alone, not with your teacher, you should let us know what you want the professionals to play.  Or you can bring your own recorded music.  If you are bringing your own recorded music to dance to please bring it on a USB memory stick as an MP3 file or on a CD if you can please.  We cannot guarantee to play your music from your personal mobile phone which might not work with our sound system.

We use a mixing desk, high quality wired microphones, speakers and fixed lighting.  If you are playing guitar, cajón or are singing at the peña please let Caroline know about any additional equipment you will be brining with you.  We employ a Spanish professional sound engineer (usually Javier or Andrés) who will be happy to help you if you give notice to us of special requirements.

Doors open at 7.00 p.m. for tapas and refreshments.  Show starts 7.45 p.m.

Non-member student Juerga performers pay a performance fee of £5 instead of the full entry ticket price.  If you have guests or family with you, can they please arrive when the doors open at 7pm, rather than sit in the hall while you rehearse and please can you ask them to pay for entry at the door.   Please show respect and support to other performers during the show and do not talk in the hall after your own performance and please, please don’t leave the hall while other performers are on stage.   It would be great if you could help us clear the hall and put litter in the bins after the show.   Above all, have fun and enjoy your moment in the spotlight!