Past Shows

July 2022

Pepe de Joaquina and Pepe del Morao

Two stars of the Jerez flamenco scene joined us in July.   Flamenco singer Pepe de Joaquina ‘El Faraón’ presented his new CD ‘Orgullo de Faraón’, exploring his roots in flamenco tradition.  He was accompanied by the famous guitarist Pepe del Morao (grandson of the legendary guitarist Manuel Morao and nephew of the late-great Moraíto Chico).   Pepe sang a superb soleá de alcalá and other flamenco gems.  They were joined by up and coming dancer Alba Heredia Villalobos, singer Jasmine Villalobos and guitarist Tito Heredia.  It was  great evening and received extensive coverage in the Diario de Jerez newspaper and other Spanish media.  

Pepe de Joaquina and Pepe del Morao at Peña Flamenca de Londres Photo: Steve Carr

May 2023

Feria de Londres

Feria de Londres. Another great turnout for an afternoon of sevillanas, flamenco, more sevillanas, tapas, rumbas, traje flamenca competition, children’s costume competition and…. even more sevillanas. In partnership with Angela Alonso at Ilusión Flamenca.

The Feria de Londres will be back again on 24 April 2024.

Feria de Londres 2022 at Peña Flamenca de Londres

March 2022 and October 2023

José Almarcha and Lucía Ruibal

José Almarcha (guitar), Lucía Ruibal (guitar), Demi García Sabat (percussion)

José Almarcha was taught by great flamenco masters such as Paco Serrano and Niño de Pura. He has accompanied dancers such as Olga Pericet and Antonio Canales. After the excellent reception of his first album, Vejézate, he has recently released his new album, Alejandra. Lucía Ruibal studied flamenco dance with La Lupi and Mercedes Ruíz and performs in Madrid with major flamenco groups such as those of Rafael Amargo and Juan de Juan. Lucía often performs with her father, Javier Ruibal, the popular singer-songwriter. Demi García Sabat  performs with flamenco, jazz, Latin and Arabic groups around the UK and Europe. Demi studied at the London College of Music and teaches percussion.

February 2022

Lola Rueda’s Tiki Tran

Lola Rueda & Carolina Estévez (baile), Tony Tonks (toque), Chebeto Requena (flauta/sax) and Demi García Sabat (percusión).

 Photos: Steve Carr

December 2021

Reencuentro Flamenco

This was a great show, a welcome return by Felipe de Algeciras with Juan el Juana (cante), Ramón Ruíz (guitarra), Anita la Maltesa (baile) and rising star Alba Heredia Villalobos (baile).

Photos by Steve Carr

October 2021

Lourdes Fernández ‘Raíces’

This was a spectacular five star show by acclaimed dancer Lourdes Fernández with Mónica García (cante), Adrián Solá (guitar), Demi García-Sabat (percussion) and Fuensanta Zambrana-Ruíz (violin).  We had a capacity audience of one hundred and fifty people….who absolutely loved the show.

Photos by Steve Carr

August 2021

Jorge Bravo

This was our first live show back after the lockdown with guitarist Jorge Bravo with dancers Carolina Estéves and Carlos Otero.  The trip created great flamenco ambiente and got our loyal audience into the flamenco mood again.

Photos: Steve Carr

March 2020

Jesús Olmedo

This was our last show before the first coronavirus lockdown.  Just in time! What a show it was!   Jesús Olmedo, a superb dancer from Madrid was joined by dancer Noelia Valdés, singer Rut Santamaría, guitarist Adrián Solá and Pablo Domínguez was on percussion.   The atmosphere was terrific!

Photos: Steve Carr


February 2020

Homenaje for Ron Hitchins

Our homemaje show in memory of Ron Hitchins, artist, flamenco dancer and friend to flamencos all over the world who died in November 2019 aged 93.  The show raised funds to continue with the Ron Hitchins prize for flamenco dance, which the Peña awards every year to promising flamenco dancers.

Ron Hitchins Photo: Steve Carr

December 2019

Flamenco Express

Titi Flores (baile) and Antonio ‘El Pola’ (cante) with Flamenco Express – Chris Clavo (guitarra) and La Joaquina (baile)

Photos: Steve Carr



June 2019

Jorge Bravo and friends

with Lourdes Fernández (baile), Rut Santamaría (cante) and Demi García (percusión)

Photos: Steve Carr

May 2019

Álvaro Guarnido

with Gema Contreras ‘La Canela’ (cante) and Manuel Carvajal (guitarra) from Granada

Photos: Steve Carr

December 2018

Felipe de Algeciras 

with Gema la Milana (baile), Pedro Viscomi Martín (guitarra), Olayo Jiménez (baile) and friends including Carmela Romero Y Gema de la Cruz

Photos: Steve Carr

November 2018


More Photos: Steve Carr

September 2018

Lola Rueda

Photos: Steve Carr

July 2018

Sam Quy with Angus y Fernan’ de Tottenham

Photos: Steve Carr

June 2018

In Memory of Maribel la Manchega

Photos: Steve Carr

May 2018

Anita la Maltesa

with Alba Heredia-Villalobos (baile), Lourdes Fernández (baile) and Ramón Ruíz (guitarra)

Photos: Steve Carr

April 2018

Feria de Londres

Photos: Steve Carr

March 2018

Fernan’ de Tottenham & Sam Quy

Photos: Steve Carr

February 2018


Photos: Steve Carr

January 2018

Lola Rueda

Photos: Steve Carr

December 2017

Flamenco Express

Photos: Steve Carr

Dancers: Joaquina and Victor Fernández.  Guitarist: Chris Calvo  Singer: Antonio ‘El Pola’

November 2017


Photos: Steve Carr

October 2017

Compañía Natalia Huidobro
Lead Dancer: Natalia Huidobro Guitarist: Ramón Ruíz. Cajón:  Demi García  Singer: Leo Power
Photos: Steve Carr

September 2017

Compañía Nanako Aramaki
Dancer: Nanako Aramaki; Guitarists: Matthew Birch, Josel Ratsch; Singer: María Mellado Prenda
Photos: Steve Carr

March 2017
Flamencos del Sur
Dancer: Sara Sánchez. Guitarists: Jingle, Niño Carmelo. Singer: Raúl ‘El Mikey’
Photos: Steve Carr

January 2017
Homenaje for Fernando Reyes
Ramón Villar, Fernando Reyes, Mario Basilisco, Lola Rueda, Tony El Despeinao and many more
Photos: Steve Carr

November 2016
 Ron Hitchins Dance Prize Competition

Competitors (left to right): Ariana Armenakas, Alba Heredia Villalobos,1st Prize Winner Faye Llowth
Photos: Steve Carr

October 2016
Natalia Garcia-Huidobro and Friends
Dancer: Natalia Garcia-Huidobro (and students); Guitarist: Ramón Ruíz; Singers: Leo Power, Julio López; Percussion: Demi García Sabat
Photos: Steve Carr

September 2016
Dancer: Nanako Aramaki; Guitarist: Tony el Despeinao; Singers: Julio López,  Fernando de Sevilla; Oud and rebab: Zayn Mohamed
Photos: Steve Carr

May 2016
Feria de Londres

10th April 2016
Ángela Alonso and Friends
Leo Power, Lola Rueda, Ángela Alonso, Ramón Ruíz, Carlos Otero
Photos: Steve Carr

March 2016
Una Noche con Maribel
A tribute to the Peña’s Joint Honorary President, Maribel la Manchega
Photos: Steve Carr and Jay Kavner

December 2015
Rivero Dance
Dancers: Miguel Rivero Parra, Lourdes Fernández Menayo; Singer: Jasmine Villalobos; Guitarist: Tito Heredia; Cajon: Alba de Cádiz
Photos: Steve Carr

October 2015
Dancers: Salud Moya, Noelia Valdés, Anita La Maltesa; Singer: Leo Power; Guitarist: Pablo Domínguez
Photos: Jay Kavner

September 2015
Asi Habla Mi Corazón
Dancers: Talia Cohen, Luisa Calera; Singers: Jasmin Villalobos, Javier Macias; Guitarist: Tito Heredia
Photos: Steve Carr

May 2015
Feria de Londres

May 2014
Feria de Londres