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The Ron Hitchins Flamenco Dance Prize 2019

The Peña Flamenca de Londres awards a prize to a flamenco dancer judged to have shown the most promise.   The prize is a bursary of £300 to be used to support further dance tuition in this country or in Spain.   This year three contestants danced for the prize at the Peña’s Juerga show in November.   The winner was Ana María López Muñoz, a student of Lola Rueda, for her inventive solo alegría.  Venessa and Genevieve were the superb runners up.    Ana will be presented with her prize at the Peña on 8th December 2019 at which the world renowned dancer Titi Flores will headlining.

Ana María López Muñoz, winner of the Ron Hitchins prize 2019, dancing alegrías.

Ron Hitchins RIP : 1926-2019

Ron Hitchins was the life and spirit of the London flamenco scene – a flamenco dancer and artist.   Ron died peacefully in November 2019 aged 93. Right up to just a few days before he passed away Ron was helping us with his support, tips, videos of the great shows he had filmed over the years and, of course with his great sense of humour.  Ron was a friend of flamencos all over the world, many of whom visited his home in Hackney whenever they came to this country. We will be organising a special event in his honour. Ron will forever be in our hearts. We will miss him very much. Our show on 9th February is in honour of Ron.

Ron Hitchins was the life and soul of London’s flamenco scene

Ron Hitchins Dance Prize 2016

Prize Winner:Faye Llowth
Highly Commended:

Alba Heredia Villalobos
Ariana Armenakas

Faye Llowth winner of the 2016 Ron Hitchins Flamenco Dance Prize